Our table

At our table you will share some quality time with us and your fellow guests, surrounded by the vintage, George Nelson inspired furniture. 


Claire and I cook local products with traditional recipes, but also dishes inspired by contemporary cuisine. 

We’re never short on inspiration in our area, which is considered the world’s culinary capital, represented by prestigious names such as Bocuse, Blanc, Pic…

Following our inspiration, we sometimes incorporate provencal or oriental influences. At our table, you may even get a taste of the French South West’s most famous specialty, cassoulet, which has been a highlight of our dinner parties with friends and family for a few years now. A Slavic inspired salmon gravlax or a Dutch influenced haddock poached in milk might enliven the menu. 

The sitting room will welcome you after dinner, to pleasantly finish the evening with a book selected from our Charlotte Perriand-inspired bookshelf. 


Good to know

The size of our vegetable garden can’t match the needs of our guest table. To complement it, we source the ingredients locally, favoring AOC, AOP, and IGP labels. Feel free to email us your allergies and food intolerances, we will do our best to take them into account. 


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Our guest rooms

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