Pastel room

  • chambre d'hôte ain gite de France ain
  • chambre d'hôte ain gite de France ain
  • chambre d'hôte ain gite de France ain


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    Low season from 15/10 to 14/04
    First night : 135 euros
    Second night and more : 120 euros

    High season from 15/04 to 14/10
    First night : 155 euros
    Second night and more : 140 euros

    Breakfast included
    VAT 10% recoverable for companies

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    The Pastel Room (30 m2, 98 ft2) is the largest of the three, and its soothing azure hue will bring peace to your nights. It was designed to welcome people with reduced mobility, if need be (the doors are 90 cm/35 in wide, wide enough for a wheelchair). 

    Throughout the entire house, heating and air-conditioning run through not only the floor, but also the ceiling. This technique allows for optimal thermal comfort without the nuisance of drafts or ventilation noises.  

    It is reminiscent of the comfort of old houses and their thick stone walls, shielding you from sweltering nights. It is further highlighted by the reinforced soundproofing of the partitioning. 

    Thanks to the french windows on the ground floor, you can enjoy nature from your bed and walk straight into the park, through the locally sourced (Haut Beaujolais forests) Douglas pine terrace. 

    Right by the room you will find the living and dining room, accessible for guest meals. You can also relax in the swim lane, the fitness room or the reading salon just across the hall. breakfast


    The guests can book dinner with us. 

    This option includes : homemade apéritif, starters, main course, cheese, dessert, flat or sparkling water, coffee, tea, and infusion



    • Bathroom lane
    • Bed linen
    • Bathrobe
    • Swim lane slippers
    • Garden salon
    • Parasol
    • Kettle
    • Hairdryer
    • Towel hang dryer

    Hosting conditions

    The estate is crossed by a river : the Oiselon. It’s not very deep, and most of the time its flow rate is slow to moderate. Nevertheless, it might be dangerous, just as any body of water might be. The same goes for the outdoor swimming pool. It is protected by a standard rigid cover. Nonetheless, it is open during the day and may be hazardous to an unattended young child who cannot swim.

    The indoor swim lane is protected with an access code. Parents of young children will be asked to sign a discharge of responsibility. 

    It is strictly forbidden to smoke inside the residence. There is a fire alarm in the vents that will activate should there be any smoke. 

    The guests who want to smoke outside can do so away from the guest table, if it doesn’t inconvenience the other guests, and providing they dispose of their cigarette or cigar butt and ashes properly. 

    Pets are not accepted on the estate. Horses, for travellers on horseback, are an exception. They are allowed in the orchard, provided they are tied short. 

    A part of the park is for the hosts only. We ask our guests not to go there. The vegetable garden and the orchard are open, but we ask you not to pick any fruit or vegetables. 

    Arrival time starts at 4 P.M. Departure time is 10 A.M. at the latest. 

    Cars are only allowed on the estate’s parking section. Within this timeframe, access to the estate is open. Access to the common room (kitchen, living room and dining room) is possible from 6:30 P.M. until the end of the meal. Access to the indoor swimming pool opens at 10 A.M. 

    Cleaning is included in the price of the guest rooms and the lodges. Nevertheless, we ask our guests to leave the sanitary and household appliances in reasonably clean condition. The table should be cleared and wiped, the dishes washed and put away, the blankets folded, the sheets piled up at the foot of the bed, and the trash cans emptied. If these conditions are not met, an additional cleaning fee will be charged. 

    Payment methods

    Payment will ideally be via a secure website online. If you wish to pay by bank transfer or check, we will be unable to confirm your booking until the payment is visible on our bank account.